Friday, October 12, 2012



The science of philosophy played a major role in transforming the ancient Greek civilization from a military society to the center of wisdom. Without the ancient philosophers, the importance of the Greek civilization for humanity wouldn't be as great as it is now.

The philosophers, in violent years with frequent wars and many foreign threats for the Greek territory, managed to balance the military preparedness of the young citizens with their spiritual cultivation. Having themselves bravely served the country when needed, they had the experience and the ability to teach people how to combine the military arête with education, creating great strategic minds, very good politicians and heroes who were fighting first with their brain and their heart and then with their weapons.

Their teachings educated and still are educating generations of people, producing clever, active citizens who are necessary for the progress of society. The moral education and the practicality of their speeches, in addition with the occult knowledge that can someone find in them, are making the philosophers a category of people indispensable for any society.

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