Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What were they?

The Olympian ‘gods’, that were more than twelve (including major or minor deities the number increases even more) were some higher creatures who sometimes were helping and teaching human beings and some other times were causing troubles to them.

The big majority of ancient Greeks of any period (from Protohellenic and Mycenaean to Classical and Hellenistic era), especially the educated people, never considered them as Gods but as θεούς (‘gods’) from the ancient Greek verb θέω meaning ‘to run very fast’ to describe one of their major supernatural ability (travel from one place to other just in some seconds - teleportation).

We must not forget the main reason why the greatest philosopher ever lived, Socrates, was sentenced and killed in the...democratic Athens from the corrupted people of that time, which wasn’t other but the ‘θεούς ού νομίζων’ teaching of his, the teaching that was saying those 'gods' are just some powerful creatures but they must never be considered or confused with the One and Only God that created everything and all, including them. 

Some of those beings helped and taught individuals or a group of people and became patrons of many cities and that’s why people of many cultures created temples and statues of them as a thanks, as we are doing nowadays to national heroes or important people without of course considering them as gods… 


  1. Most peiple believes these stories are fake because 1. They don't believe in god(s) 2. don't believe in more than one god. However, the meaning of god(s) now has been warped into it being a magical creature or something. It only meant someone that came from the stars...and had advanced technology :p

    1. Hello Gabriela Auditore, thank you for sharing your interesting opinion at this subject.
      The sure is that ancient cultures had advanced technological knowledge and i can't understand why most historians avoid to talk about this with details.