Saturday, September 29, 2012



Every culture has figures that are recognized as heroes because of their actions. Greek culture is full with heroes from antiquity until modern times.

The ancient Greek heroes, many of those had also a political position and played an important role at their cities’ decisions, gave their lives not only for the salvation of the Greek race and the Greek customs and traditions at huge ancient wars that can be considered as the ancient world wars, but also for the salvation of ethical ideas and values as freedom, courage, bravery, patriotism, education, justice, dignity and others.

Many mytho-historical battles are recorded in works of ancient writers but there are many other unsung heroes that their sacrifice will remain unknown to the public.
All of them, having as main characteristic the activated Ichor, sacrificed everything for battling superior creatures, managing to kill them with the help of ‘gods’, the supernatural abilities from Ichor and the ancient hyper-technology.

Their most important achievement though, was that their heroic actions were becoming the guide of the ethical living for the rest people and mostly for the young ones, somehow forcing the society to progress and improve in all areas.

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