Friday, August 24, 2012



According to Greek mythology, the Ichor (gr: Ιχώρ) is something that exists in the blood of Greek heroes (also in 'demigods/gods' and some other creatures) and its known to us because of its reference in many ancient Greek texts including Homer’s, Pythagoras’, Plato’s, Aristotle’s and others’ works. The Ichor changes the structure of blood, and this causes the change of blood’s color, from red to blue (or green) and gives to the person that has it better skills, as more speed, more strength, better stamina, bigger jump, faster healing of wounds and more.

There is also the inactivated Ichor that exists in all human beings having Greek genes, but their blood is still red with the blood functions we know, and it will change when the Ichor becomes activated.


Many on this say that the activation will happen when the star Sirius gets even closer to the Earth. When this happen, the Sirius’ electromagnetic radiation will be strong enough to cause the activation of the Ichor. This is believed to be an explanation at Homer’s words in Iliad, saying that ‘Sirius is too bright tonight, the brightest of all stars’ with this being a good sign for the Greek heroes at the Trojan war, as they were feeling unbeatable (with the Ichor’s activation). Knowing that Sirius (Σείριος) in ancient Greek means warm or hot, maybe the activation will happen after a thermal attack of the star to the Earth.


There is no an answer at this question and each can have any opinion about this. Scientists have to examine if there is anything different with the Greek DNA, including the chromosome E, a chromosome rumors say appearing only in people with Greek genes, making it a top secret subject of discussion between genetic scientists.
The sure is there are many unexplained parts of history, parts that are well hidden, secrets that media will never reveal. The research continues and we have to be prepared about anything, no matter how shocking the new information will be, even if it changes anything we know or better saying anything (limited) they have taught us…